Monday, 26 September 2011

New home needed for Louie and Gerry - Crawley

Louie and Gerry are 2 boys who came in as part of a large rescue operation in the South East. All the boys were separated on arrival due to fighting (males and females had been running in a large group) and were terrified of people. These lucky boys have been looked after foster carers and after a while it became clear they wanted to be friends. They are now well bonded and both have settled and are learning to love cuddles.

Louie and Gerry would like a new home with a large hutch and run, as well as lots of veggies as they love to eat!

If you are interested in offering Louie and Gerry a home, please send an email to Jenny at

Indoor accomodation or a hutch in a suitable heated shed or outbuilding is necessary for the winter months. Home check and donation apply. For the rescue's adoption policy please visit

Home needed for Meego and Ugo - Yorkshire

Two hansome young boys are looking for a lovely forever home. Ugo is the dark haired boy and Meego is the pink eyed white boy. If you are interested please get in touch with Barnsley Animal Rescue


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New home needed for the Chuckle Brothers

The Chuckle Brothers came into Rescue after coming from a home where they lived in a 3 foot hutch with a rabbit ! They were also in a very hot conservatory - Goodness knows how they survived.
The pair are under a year old.
They are really cheeky and do lots of chuckling sounds
Must stay together

If you are interested then please contact Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity


Leo by Emiley from The Guinea Pig Forum

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Walsall RSPCA - Scooby-Doo

Scooby Doo is a stunning white, agouti and tan Sheltie male guinea pig, he is approx 8 months old and arrived at Walsall RSPCA as an unwanted pet. Scooby is a confident piggy once he gets to know you, he will happily sit for a cuddle as well as enjoying racing and popcorning around In his run. Scooby does have a lovely long coat, therefore whoever adopts him is going to have groom and trim him regularly to keep him matt free. Scooby was neutered 6 weeks ago and we are looking to rehome him with a female, or group of female piggies. Can you offer Scooby his forever home? If you would like to then please get in touch with Walsall RSPCA

Walsall RSPCA - Danny

Danny is a neutered male who is now ready to find his forever home, he is a very confident outgoing male, that is looking for a female or group of females to live with. We would love for him to go to an indoor home where he can be spoilt rotten.

If you are interested in giving this lovely boy a new home, then please get in touch with Walsall RSPCA


Squeeks! by KatyJean Photo.
Squeeks!, a photo by KatyJean Photo. on Flickr.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue - Urgent Appeal

New homes are desperately needed to come forward, there is a large rescue ongoing which needs rescue space so if you can help by giving a forever home to any of the available piggies that are waiting for their happy ending please get in touch with Suzy at the rescue. You can contact her here

Archer & Hudson

Archer & Hudson, available now.  12 & 8 months old.  A lovely pair of boys who are ready and waiting for a new family to love them.

Drake and Cortez

Drake & Cortez, available now.  A gorgeous pair of young adult males, approx 12 months old.  They will make fabulous pets once they have settled in with their new family and got used to lots of cuddles and treats.

Mattie and Minx

These two girls have taken a long time to recover from their past life - they were found in a cardboard box in a country park - luckily the dog that found them was on a lead.  They were obese, mite infested and terrified.

Mattie & Minx, Available now. No age but guessing 2+ yrs.  They are lovely girls and deserve a loving, kind home where they can continue to gain in confidence and enjoy a big run in a garden, something they have discovered here and love!

If you think you can offer a forever home for any of these lovely piggies please get in touch with Suzy on her website


30th May 2011 by jillyemm
30th May 2011, a photo by jillyemm on Flickr.