Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Zola and Amira

Zola and Amira are beige and white and chocolate and white merino sows. Both are really pretty girls and are looking for a home together.

Can be homed throughout the country providing a homecheck can be done.

More info can be found at www.all-about-the-animals.blogspot.com


Blaine the guinea pig by PoyndexterT
Blaine the guinea pig, a photo by PoyndexterT on Flickr.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Marble and Toby

These two lovely boys were dumped in a plastic filing box in the scorching heat with no food or water.

Marble is the Lemon Agouti, Cream and White Abyssinian who currently has  bad mange. He is bringing treated with Ivermectin once a week and also having a Nizoral bath once a week just in case there is any fungal. He is aged between 6 months and 12 months.

Toby-Lerone is the other one. Nothing seems particular wrong with him but he is being treated with Mange because of living with Marble. He is quite nervous but he is only a youngster so should soon come out of his shell.
They will be ready to be rehomed in about a month, depending on how well Marble gets on with his treatment. If interested please text 07701040860. Or contact Hanwombat on The Guinea Pig Forum. They are currently in Suffolk and would need to be collected.


Morgan the guinea pig 3 by fizzyjess
Morgan the guinea pig 3, a photo by fizzyjess on Flickr.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gaius and Deidre

Gaius and Deidre are a neutered boar and sow that are currently resisding at BARC - Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity.They are are looking for a home together. Gaius is a neutered boar and is under 1year, Deidre is a sow and is just over 1year old.
Gaius is the bravest of the two and loves to free range, whereas Deidre likes to sit and chill and munch.
They are currently indoors but enjoy run time outdoors.

If you think you can give this lovely couple a loving forever home then you can get in touch with BARC by clicking here. Or call 0845 203020



Alvin the guinea pig by fizzyjess
Alvin the guinea pig, a photo by fizzyjess on Flickr.